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The study in Malaysia is the current craze. Malaysia is an Education hub where about 100,000 international students from more than 158 different countries are currently studying including an increasing number of students from Mauritius.

Many prestigious universities have opened their campuses in Malaysia giving students a cheaper option to get an Australian or British degree entirely in Malaysia.

Universities from Australia, Canada, France, Switzerland, UK, and the USA have partnered with different top Malaysian universities to run their programmes entirely in Malaysia. The foreign university awards the degree.


Malaysia is a fascinating and enchanting nation of different races, cultures, and religions, co-existing in harmony in a tropical paradise in the heart of Southeast Asia. Malaysia comprises two distinct land areas, West Malaysia and East Malaysia. West Malaysia is a peninsula, flanked by the South China Sea on the east and Straits of Malacca on the west, with Thailand as its northern neighbor and Singapore sitting at the south. West and East Malaysia cover a total land area of about 329,758 km2 and are separated by approximately 40 miles of sea.

East Malaysia consists of a federal territory and two large states, namely Sabah and Sarawak, which occupy the north of Borneo Island. West Malaysia consists of 11 states and 2 federal territories, all of which have their own distinctive attractions.

In Malaysia, the majority of the universities and colleges are located in prime areas that are surrounded by facilities to ensure a comfortable living for students.In all of the major cities of Malaysia, you will find the vital amenities necessary to your well-being in every corner. These encompass accommodation, public transportation, restaurants, banks, clinics, bookshops, convenience stores, cineplex, s and shopping malls, among others.

Malaysia’s malls offer a host of other activities that include dining, bowling, archery, rock climbing, movies, spa attractions, video arcades and many, many more.

The railway system in Malaysia is also very well-connected through several railway lines such as the Monorail, commuter trains and Light-Rail Transit (LRT) as well as the soon-to-be-implemented Mass Rapid Transit system. Commuter trains run efficiently within the Klang Valley area and will connect you to the amenities you require in different precincts.

Fuel cost less than RM 2.5 per litter, RM 60-70 to go to Singapore from KL, RM 80-120 to go to Thailand by coach

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