Our Selected Program

Foundation Program

1. A level,

2. Foundation in Allied Health Sciences

3. Foundation in Biological Science

4. Foundation in Engineering

5. Foundation in Information Technology

6. Foundation in Physical Science

7.Foundation in Islamic Revealed Knowledge And Heritage

8. Foundation in Arabic Language

9. Foundation in Architecture and Environmental Design

10. Foundation in Arts

11. Foundation in Health Science

12. Foundation in Science

13. Foundation in Business Studies

14. Foundation In design

15. Foundation in Built Environment

16. Foundation in Sound & Music

Diploma Program
  1. Diploma in Accounting,
  2. Diploma in Agricultural science,
  3. Diploma in Aquaculture,
  4. Diploma in Architecture,
  5. Diploma in Animation,
  6. Diploma in Aerospace,
  7. Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance,
  8. Diploma in Automotive Engineering,
  9. Diploma in Actuarial Science,
  10. Diploma in Advertising,
  11. Diploma in Animal Science,
  12. Diploma in Islamic Banking,
  13. Diploma in Biomedical Science,
  14. Diploma in Business Administration,
  15. Diploma in Biomedical Engineering,
  16. Diploma in Biotechnology,
  17. Diploma in Computer Science,
  18. Diploma in Chemical Engineering,
  19. Diploma in Civil Engineering,
  20. Diploma in Culinary Arts,
  21. Diploma in Creative Animation,
  22. Diploma in Communication,
  23. Diploma in Contemporary Islamic Science,
  24. Diploma in Design & Media,
  25. Diploma in Dental Technology,
  26. Diploma in Early Childhood Education,
  27. Diploma in Enforcement Management,
  28. Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering,
  29. Diploma in Events Management,
  30. Diploma in Fashion Design,
  31. Diploma in Games Art,
  32. Diploma in Graphic Design,
  33. Diploma in Geometrics Engineering,
  34. Diploma in Halal Industry Management,
  35. Diploma in Human Resource Management,
  36. Diploma in Hospitality Management,
  37. Diploma in Interior Design,
  38. Diploma in Information Technology,
  39. Diploma in Broadcast Journalism,
  40. Diploma in Multimedia,
  41. Diploma in Marketing,
  42. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering,
  43. Diploma in Marin Engineering,
  44. Diploma in Music,
  45. Diploma in Mechatronic,
  46. Diploma in Nursing,
  47. Diploma in Office Management,
  48. Diploma in Physiotherapy,
  49. Diploma in Pharmacy,
  50. Diploma in Tourism Management
Degree Program
  1. American Degree Transfer Program,
  2. UK degree Transfer Program,
  3. Australian Degree Transfer Program,
  4. Bachelor of Audiology,
  5. Bachelor of Commerce,
  6. Bachelor in Accounting and Finance,
  7. Bachelor of Agricultural Science,
  8. Bachelor of Architecture,
  9. Bachelor of Animation Design,
  10. Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering,
  11. Bachelor of Automotive Engineering,
  12. Bachelor of Actuarial Science,
  13. Bachelor of Advertising,
  14. Bachelor of Agricultural Science,
  15. Bachelor of Advertising and Broadcasting,
  16. Bachelor of Animal Health Production,
  17. Bachelor of Audiology,
  18. Bachelor of Islamic Banking and finance,
  19. Bachelor of Finance,
  20. Bachelor of Biomedical Science,
  21. Bachelor of Business Administration,
  22. Bachelor of Biotechnology,
  23. Bachelor of Science in Industrial Biology,
  24. Bachelor of Commerce,
  25. Bachelor of Computer Engineering,
  26. Bachelor of Computer Science,
  27. Bachelor of Chemical Engineering,
  28. Bachelor of Civil Engineering,
  29. Bachelor of Culinary Arts,
  30. Bachelor of Communication,
  31. Bachelor of Guidance and Counseling,
  32. Bachelor of Chemistry,
  33. Bachelor of Chemical Engineering with oil & gas,
  34. Bachelor of Construction project Management,
  35. Bachelor of Applied Arts & Design,
  36. Bachelor of Dentistry,
  37. Bachelor of Economics,
  38. Bachelor of Education,
  39. Bachelor of Early Childhood Education,
  40. Bachelor of Electrical Engineering,
  41. Bachelor of Environmental Engineering,
  42. Bachelor of Environmental Health and Safety,
  43. Bachelor of Environmental Management,
  44. Bachelor of Events Management,
  45. Bachelor of Science in Water Resources,
  46. Bachelor of Fashion Design,
  47. Bachelor in Industrial Design,
  48. Bachelor of Finance and Investment,
  49. Bachelor of Computer Games Development,
  50. Bachelor of Graphic Design,
  51. Bachelor of Geology,
  52. Bachelor of Human Resource Management,
  53. Bachelor of Hospitality Management,
  54. Bachelor of History and Civilization,
  55. Bachelor of Interior Design,
  56. Bachelor of Information Technology,
  57. Bachelor of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering,
  58. Bachelor of Islamic Finance,
  59. Bachelor of Industrial Electronics,
  60. Bachelor of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Heritage,
  61. Bachelor of Journalism And Broadcasting,
  62. Bachelor of Law,
  63. Bachelor of Syariah Law,
  64. Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Technology,
  65. Bachelor of Multimedia,
  66. Bachelor of Marketing,
  67. Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering,
  68. Bachelor of Marin Engineering,
  69. Bachelor of Marine Science,
  70. Bachelor of Mathematics,
  71. Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery,
  72. Bachelor of Music,
  73. Bachelor of Mechatronic Engineering,
  74. Bachelor of Nursing,
  75. Bachelor of Nutrition And Dietetics,
  76. Bachelor of Nanotechnology,
  77. Bachelor of Optometry,
  78. Bachelor of Physiotherapy,
  79. Bachelor of Aviation management and Piloting,
  80. Bachelor of Petroleum Engineering,
  81. Bachelor of Political Science,
  82. Bachelor of Public Relations,
  83. Bachelor of Pharmacy,
  84. Bachelor of Psychology,
  85. Bachelor of Physics,
  86. Bachelor of Port Management,
  87. Bachelor of Quantity Surveying,
  88. Bachelor of Radiography and Medical Imaging,
  89. Bachelor of Religious Studies,
  90. Bachelor of Sports Science,
  91. Bachelor of Sociology,
  92. Bachelor of Shipping Management,
  93. Bachelor of Traditional Finance,
  94. Bachelor of TESOL & TESL,
  95. Bachelor of Traditional Medicine,
  96. Bachelor of Tourism Management,
  97. Bachelor of Urban & Regional Planning
Master Program
  1. Master of Architecture,
  2. Master of Economics,
  3. Master of Information Technology,
  4. Master of Islamic Reveal Knowledge and Human Science,
  5. Master of Education,
  6. Master of Language & Management,
  7. Master of Engineering,
  8. Master of Architecture,
  9. Master of Pharmacy,
  10. Master of Applied Health Science,
  11. Master of Medicine,
  12. Master of Clinical & Specialist Training,
  13. Master of Nursing,
  14. Master of Environment Studies
PhD. D program
  1. Doctor of Philosophy in Laws,
  2. Doctor of Philosophy in Economics,
  3. Doctor of Philosophy in Information Technology,
  4. Doctor of Philosophy in Islamic Reveal Knowledge and Human Science,
  5. Doctor of Philosophy in Education,
  6. Doctor of Philosophy in Language & Management,
  7. Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering,
  8. Doctor of Philosophy in Architecture,
  9. Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmacy,
  10. Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Health Science,
  11. Doctor of Philosophy in Medicine,
  12. Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical & Specialist Training, Doctor of Philosophy in Environment Studies